If the expression “way of living” would have a nationality, for sure it would be American. The American lifestyle is one of the most famous in the world. It’s usually described as being a pursuit of happiness, freedom and just enjoying what best life has to offer. Drinking a cocktail in Manhattan or eating a famous American donut looking at the Liberty Statue reminds us New York, the eternal American symbol, for example. On California, you will discover Los Angeles and the famous Sunset Boulevard, a street that is an icon of celebrity culture, representing the glamour associated with Hollywood.

In terms of Wine, the U.S.A is one of the largest producers in the world. There are some number native grapes to the North American continent and wines are made from them, but it is mostly non-native grapes from Europe that are used for wine making.

We invite you to listen to some songs from Elvis Presley, the most famous American singer, while driving a red Cadillac and taste some boutique flavours from U.S.A Wines.