Spain always suggests us enjoying the great weather while eating “Tapas”, drinking Sangria and listening to some Flamenco, their most traditional music. A common night out in Madrid, the capital, would be eating typical Spanish food like “paella” - yellow rice with seafood - at “Plaza Mayor”, a traditional square of this city. Spain have as well an extent coast with golden beaches and islands, like the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Spain has a lot to offer, through its different tourism attractions since Andalucía, Cádiz, Andalucia, Alicante, Costa Blanca, Canary Islands and Santiago de Compostela.
The wine making tradition comes back from Roman times, being today one of the greatest wine producers in the world. It has the largest area under vine cultivation.
Spanish people love to enjoy the best of life, and part of that, is enjoying their great wines. Discover some of the best wines that Spain has to offer from BwA selection. 


Our producers from Spain : 




CVNE | Rioja

CVNE is one of the most renowned and historic bodegas in all of Spain. Founded in 1879 by the Real de Asúa brothers, Eusebio and Raimundo. With their combination of traditional roots and innovative vision, CVNE has been one of Rioja’s most reliable sources for high quality wine.


Monopole | Rioja

Monopole is the oldest white wine brand of Spain. CVNE has produced this wine since 1915. Since its arrival it has, become a classic fresh white of Rioja, and now also with the Tempranillo red.


Viña Real | Rioja

In 1920 the first Vina Real wines were launched, carrying therefore a long tradition in winemaking. These wines are  produced from grapes grown around Elciego, in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa province.

Contino | Rioja

Vinedos del Contino was created by Cvne and the family owners of the state in 1973, establishing the “chateau” concept in the Rioja region. Contino Rioja’s innovates with its 62 hectares of vineyard producing top quality monovarietal wines.


Imperial | Rioja

Imperial is one of the great names in Spanish winemaking. It is a true classic in Rioja and was first made in the 1920’s. Imperial is made at a separate, distinct winery within the walls of the original winery since the beginning of the 19th century.


Alma Altantica | Galicia

Produced in the North West region of Spain, Alma Atlántica wines comes from the region of Galicia, combining tradition and innovation to bring the freshest wine styles from the country’s oldest and most prestigious regions. Alma Atlantica translates as “Atlantic Soul”, name that reflects the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the granitic soils where these wines are produced, offering them a unique freshness and saltiness. The white Albariño wines come from the Rias Bajas D.O. region, close to the sea and most known for producing Spain’s best Albariño, the most prestigious white varietal from Spain. The Godello white wine is produced in the Monterrei D.O. area and the Mencia red wine is produced in the Bierzo D.O. area.

Evodia - Las Rocas | Catalayud

Evodia and Las Rocas are two exciting projects which are the result of a joint partnership between the wine connoisseur Eric Solomon, the renowned French winemaker Jean Marc Lafage and Yolanda Diaz. These wines are produced in the D.O. region of Calatayud, an origin denomination area and hailed as one of Spain’s most progressive and promising wine growing regions. Calatayud is distinguished by its prevalence of the highest elevation vineyards in Spain, where the Garnacha variety is widely planted. These wines are made from Garnacha grapes selected in 100 year old vines, presenting fruity intense flavors and an elegant structure.