Portugal is located in the South West Coast, and the history of this country dates back from more than 900 years. The advantages of the Mediterranean wild climate and the open door of the Atlantic Ocean allowed Portuguese’s to great adventures that took them as far as India, China, East Timor or Brazil. The proximity of the sea and the usual warm weather offer to Portugal the conditions to enjoy outdoor living with the best of this country have to offer. From unique landscapes to long golden beaches, the Portuguese way of living is eating outdoor with traditional meat or grilled fishes, while listening to some “Fado” - a Portuguese traditional music.

Portugal has several wine regions, from north to south, with more than 300 grape varieties. They offer you magnificent landscapes, excellent wines and a singular culture to meet. We cannot talk about Portugal and its wines without referring the famous “Port”, a fortified wine, which makes any Portuguese dinner last until 01:00 or 02:00 AM.
Geographic location and the reduced dimension do not prevent Portugal from being one of the biggest world wine producers. Why not meet this amazing country at the table, tasting our specially selected Portuguese wines?

Our Producers from Portugal:


Blandy's| Madeira Island

For 200 years, Blandy’s Madeira has been synonymous with quality Madeira wine. The Blandys are unique in being
the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine
company. The family has played a leading role in the development of Madeira wine throughout its long history and
members of the family continue to live on Madeira, maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1811.
Michael and Chris Blandy are the 6th and 7th generations to work in the business.



Martha's Wines - Port & Moscatel| Douro

For over 200 years, Martha’s, one of the oldest family owned and run port wine wineries, has kept the traditions of Port wine making combined with the highest quality standards, offering today a wide selection of ports. Being a specialist in old tawny, their Port range includes white, tawny & 10, 20, 30 and 40 years old Port. Using their wide experience, Martha's includes a Moscatel in their offer.

The Martha family are now looking into the future; renovating their image and infrastructure for another two centuries of history. To share their passion for their history, Martha’s have recently launched a set of collector’s bottles, bringing to your table a tasteful combination of tradition and style.


Aveleda| Região dos Vinhos Verdes

Since 1870, Aveleda has been managed and cared by the same family and has kept the same family surname since that date: Guedes. The history of the Guedes family has always involved the Quinta da Aveleda estate, which has become a part of the family identity. The first wines sold by Aveleda are from 1970, by the hand of Manuel Pedro Guedes, the founder of the business as we know today. He was a man of great vision and devoted himself to the property, planting vines, carrying out works and developing the structures at the Estate; he also built a wine cellar with a capacity for 300 barrels.

His effort was recognized, and the quality of Aveleda Wines can be confirmed by the several gold metals owned in some International contests, like Berlim (1888) and Paris (1889).


Senhora de Penha| Alentejo


Pinga Amores in Portuguese is an expression that means “drops of love”. For sure you will easily fall in love with these wines from Senhora da Penha Winery, located in Portalegre, Portugal. The region has amazing geographical and climatic properties to produce grapes of exceptional quality in Quinta da Penha, on 615 meters of altitude. The altitude freshness and the solar exposure allow the balanced minerality of the grapes, which results in high quality wines with singular aromas, tastes and textures.