New Zealand

New Zealanders love to enjoy the great weather of their country, living true outdoor experiences like exploring green parks, beaches and rivers. The summer is hot and the winter is pleasant. In New Zealand, you can go kayaking, mountain biking, surfing, abseiling, parachute jumping, swimming with dolphins, explore caves and, of course, bungee jumping. This country is famous by the balance between Men and Nature, and the New Zealanders are called “kiwis”, being very warm and nice.
New Zealand it’s the most isolated wine region of the World, a group of islands about 1600 km from the already distant Australia. There are two main islands – the North and the South Island. The special combination of soil, climate and water, the innovative pioneering spirit and commitment to quality, all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse wine experiences like no other. The New Zealand wines, specially the whites, have world reputation.

In every glass of New Zealand Wine is a world of pure discovery. We welcome you to this world through our portfolio from this far away country.

Our Producers from New Zealand:

Framingham | Marlborough

Framingham is a boutique winery established in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley in 1994. Taking grapes from both own estate vineyard and selected sites nearby, they make a range of expressive and individual wines in limited quantities. “In a world of increasing blandness we remain individual. In a cluttered wine landscape, where so many seem the same, we believe in doing things differently”. The quotation is from Framingham, which demonstrate their key to individuality through a small batch winemaking. Combining small batches of wine from different parts of the vineyard, they build depth of flavour and texture. Exquisite wines from grapes from the Wairau Valley, from both own vineyard and carefully selected grower sites nearby. “One of Malborough hidden gems.” Jamie Goode, Wine Anorak, 2010.