When you think about Italy, for sure you imagine Milan, Rome Coliseum, the Vespa motorcycles and the famous pizzas. Fresh pastas, traditional “lasagnes” and Italian Design and Fashion are true symbols as well. In terms of Wine, Italy's growing reputation is due to several reasons. First, the fact that it produces and exports more than any other country, and second, because of the greatest variety of grapes, ranging through nearly every colour, flavour and, still, for the inimitable style. And Italians are known for being very stylish in everything they do. Indulge in the real wine tastes from Italy with our boutique selection from this country.


Our Producers from Italy:



Antonutti | Friuli

Back in 1921, grandfather Ignazio found the Antonutti Winery, starting the Friulian winemaking process. The foresight of his son gave way to a significant grow in the production, that was furthered and renewed continuously today by his daughter Adriana, her husband Lino and their children, Caterina and Nicola. Antonutti vineyards are located in Grave del Friuli, a broad dry plain, with poor stony soils ideal for vines. The wines from the Grave reflect the unique characteristics of these soils: mineral, fresh, fragrant, pleasantly alcoholic in content and extremely enjoyable. 

The winery includes both the historic site in Colloredo di Prato and the vineyards of Barbeano, where tradition and innovation are the drivers to produce fine quality wines. The wines demonstrate the strength of the territory, Friuli, and testify to the tenacity of a family history that dates back almost a century.



De Faveri | Veneto 

During the first years, Mr. and Mrs. De Faveri took care of most of the activities themselves; vinification, pressing and bottling. Thanks to the growing popularity of Prosecco and the success of their own Spumanti, they were able to invest in new infrastructures and machinery. While their success became noted in Italy, it also grew out of their borders reaching most of Europe, North America and a few Asian countries. The future of this passion now lies in the hands of Lucio and Mirella’s children; Giorgia and Giordano. They will continue to take care to Prosecco with the same attention, assuring the high professionalism and quality, which has always distinguished the De Faveri family.  


Agricola Cottini | Veneto 

On the East side of the Veneto Wine Region, right at the heart of Valpolicella, lays the estate of Agricola Cottini. Having worked in the vineyards for several generations, the Cottini’s activity is the fruit of traditions passed down from father to son.

The family-run business remains true to the fundamental principles needed to achieve a constant level of quality from vineyards and their wines: the love for their land, the passion for wine and enthusiasm for their activities. Each family member takes part in the production process.
From the cultivation of their wines, and using the unique “Pergola” system, they can get fine grapes for the production of premium wines such as: Valpolicella, Amarone & Reccioto. 

Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta | Piedmont

Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta is one of the oldest and most respected wine making families of Piedmont, one of Italy's most important wine-growing regions. It is located on the border of France and Switzerland. Their commitment is to produce top quality wines that achieve balance, harmony and complexity that can only come from experience, dedication and passion. The vision is to share a greater cultural perspective of Piedmont through their terroir-driven wines. They pride themselves in using environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, rendering the purest of wines.

The Marchese are committed to producing top quality wines that achieve balance, harmony and complexity that can only come from experience, dedication and passion.


Tenuta di Collosorbo | Tuscany

An enchanting landscape, dotted with ancient villages clinging to hills, where time seems to have stopped. Here, in the Montalcino zone, breathes the Tenuta di Collosorbo. The soils of the estate, generally of calcareous origin, are protected from the north winds and bathed by the clear waters of the Orcia river along the southern boundary. The estate stretches over approximately 140 hectares, where the main vine cultivated historically is Sangiovese.
At the Tenuta di Collosorbo, each cultivation step is carried out with the aim of obtaining the best, richest, healthiest and ripest grapes possible so that later interventions in the cellar are limited to only those necessary. The results are high quality and unique wines.


Tenuta Monteti | Tuscany

In the Southern part of the Tuscan Maremma, next to the small town of Capablio, lies a hill named Monteti, on top of which Tenuta Monteti Estate grows their vines.
The wine makers from Tenuta Monteti plant and grow carefully specially selected vines. The right conditions, combined with the constant efforts to experiment and discover new potentialities of the soil, offer us wines of great quality and strong personality. The final result is a perfect balance of the wines and the ability to take full advantage of the Tenuta's terroir.
Keeping with the traditions, the two most treasured wines, Monteti and Caburnio, were named in honor of historical facts in the region.


Pietro Beconcini| Tuscany

The history of this winery dates back to the early 1950s, the year that the lands where the Beconcini family was already working for some time were purchased by themselves on the estate of the Marchesi Ridolfi family. This made possible the founding of the present Pietro Beconcini Agricola. Under Beconcini grandfather ´s orientation, it was an agricultural operation that produced a variety of products that made the property strictly a viticultural and winemaking estate. Even the introduction of the international grape varieties into Tuscany had occurred in the past, Pietro Beconcini made the choice to grow only indigenous local grapes to produce these high quality wines from Tuscany.