You know you are in France when you wake up seeing Eiffel Tower and eating the famous french croissants for breakfast. France is known by is literature, food, art, fashion and wine, which is present in day-to-day life. France has various wine regions like Bordeaux, Provence, Beaujolais, Bourgogne and Vallée du Rhône. 

“Terroir” it’s originally a French expression that include the features of each wine, like which grapes were used, the vineyards, the climate of the region, being as well, a cultural concept of the local communities that live the wine cult.

French people love to accompany food with good wine because they defend that wine flavours enhance the food experience. Why not do the same and reinvent your experiences with one of the high quality French wines from BwA ?

Our Producers from France:


Champagne Ernest Rapeneau| Champagne

The Rapeneau family is originally from the Marne region in France, located in Epernay, the heart of Champagne. They have been producing and trading wine, spirit and Champagne beverages since the 19th century. The brand has been created to pay tribute to Mr. Ernest-Emile Rapeneu, son of the founder of the family group, who in the early 1920’s has help expand the family group into an international company. Thanks to their passion for the region history and the geographical proximity with the Champagne vineyards, they have been wisely refocusing their activities through the decades on the wine from Champagne.


Champagne Pierre Gimonnet & Fils| Champagne

The Gimonnet family and champagne have been linked together since 1750. Over the centuries and the generations, the family have built and preserved a savoir-faire and a love working with the vine. Today, this tradition and history is passed through champagne. Pierre, the son’s family, invests all its passion and its expertise in order to develop a range of “homemade” champagne. Passion and tradition are brought together offering a unique and delightful sparkling wine.


Jean Claude Chatelain| Loire Valley

Chatelain family have been working day after day with the vines of the Loire valley since 1630. 300 hundred years later, the 12th generation heads the estate of 30 hectares. The special characteristics of the Loire valley give a large array of terroirs which offers elaborated, balanced and very distinctive wine.


André Brunel| Rhone Valley

The vineyards from the brunel family has an history of more than three centuries. Throughout out the generations, the quality of the wine improved until the creation of the winery André Brunel with its “Chateauneuf du Pape” wine. They develop unqiue and specific wine from their terroir and their origin while remaining elegant and showing a great finesse.



The Bordeaux region is the most important wine producing region in France and in the world. Bordeaux has about 7,000 chateaux. Bordeaux wine labels will usually include the region on the front if all the grapes have been harvested in a specific region and the wine otherwise complies with the AOC requirements. There are about 50 AOCs applicable to the Bordeaux region.