Chile must be one of the countries with the most uncommon territory shapes of the World. From North to South it extends per 4270 kilometres and, from west to east, per 177 kilometres. Here you can enjoy life getting in touch with Chile’s natural beauty, from the San Pedro de Atacama in the north - to admire the Inca architecture – to the lakes of the Altiplano and the Valley of the Moon. Chile in known, as well, by the beautiful Valparaíso Coast, with several beach resorts to enjoy the summer.

Chile is a viticulture paradise where the benevolent climates and multitude of geographical conditions and soil compositions make sustainable viticulture a logical choice. Geographic features are very peculiar as well because of the different latitudes - on north we can find the most arid desert on the planet, and on south they are cold and humid forests.
Despite it’s nearly 500 years of winemaking heritage, Chile’s wine industry is fresh, young and boldly evolving to meet the needs of today’s demanding world markets. We welcome you to meet the Chilean Wines from our exquisite selection.

Our Producers from Chile:

Carmen| Middle Region Chile

Founded over 160 years ago, Carmen is the wine producer with most experience in Chile. Combined with the variety of its holdings of vineyards in the country’s best growing zones, this allows it to produce a wide range of fine Chilean wines. It was also Carmen that promoted the development of Carmenére variety in the country.