Bulgaria is the Country of the Roses. It is located in Eastern Europe and borders Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. In the North the Danube River is the natural frontier with Romania and in the East spreads the Black sea.

Bulgaria’s wine-making traditions date back 3000 years ago to the Thracians and their worship to their God of wine - Dionysus. The Romans developed further these traditions and then passed them on to the Christians.  Bulgaria’s wine industry has flourished over the centuries and is considered the most successful wine producing country of Eastern Europe. The geography and the climate of Bulgaria are very favourable to vine growing and the country is divided in two viticulture regions: in the South - the Thracian wine producing region and in the North – the Danube Plain wine producing region.

Bulgarians like to eat and they would often cook a meal – gozba and accompany it with a nice Bulgarian wine. We invite you to do the same, by choosing from our great boutique wine selection from Bulgaria.

Our Producers from Bulgaria:

Château Burgozone| Thracian Valley


The vineyards of Chateau Burgozone are situated over an area of 100 hectares, on a terroir with unique conditions
for vine growing, on the steep slope of the Southern bank of the Danube River, near the town of Oryahovo in
Bulgaria. Chateau Burgozone receives and processes only grapes from its own vineyards, which is the best guarantee
of origin and high quality of the raw material.