Brazil is the land of tropical rhythms, Samba and Carnival joy. The Brazilian life cannot be dissociated from the great weather and sunset beaches, the fruit juices and the traditional Brazilian Rodizio - top quality grilled meat with salad, rice and beans. The Brazilian territory is crossed by two imaginary circles – Equator and the Capricorn Tropic, with several ecosystems, like the Amazon Forest and the Atlantic Forest.
In the South of Brazil we find the better conditions to produce fine wines, with a colder climate that offers the ideal conditions for grapes grow. In the 1980s, a big technology development occurred in terms of vineyards and cultivation techniques. The Brazilian joy always comes along with a good drink - try it from our boutique wines selection from Brazil!

Our Producers from Brasil:

Miolo | South Brazil

The Vale dos Vinhedos is situated in the south of Brazil, representing a wine-growing region of the Italian colonization, with a tradition of more than one century of wine production. The Miolo Winery has 450 hectares planted in the Vale dos Vinhedos, of which 120 hectares belong to the Miolo Family. In a short period of time, Miolo has grown and affirmed itself in the Brazilian market as the leadership wine company among its pairs. Although the Miolo family has been working in the vines since 1897, only in 1990 they started the commercial production of wines. Their first wine was a Merlot produced with the grapes from Vale dos Vinhedos, company’s headquarters.   
Since the own production of wines from Miolo, in 1990, the Company already won 189 awards, national and international.