Welcome to Argentina! This is the country of Tango and passion. The wine potential of Argentina is huge, and this country was considered one of the most attractive poles for exquisite and boutique wines production. Argentina is known by the western look of Buenos Aires, the tradition and elegance of countryside farms, the extension and beauty of agricultural lands and the beautiful Iguazu Water Falls. The way of living of Argentina is expressed through nature and outside barbecues, with the famous argentine beef. These moments are truly meetings between friends and family, with toasts for every good reason, always paired with some of the best wines in the world.

Argentina has a long lasting wine tradition, explained by the quality lands from North to South with height and width climate. Has an extension vine that exceeds 210 thousand hectares, distributed in 25,180 vineyards. Taste the argentine joy through our wine flavours from this country.


Our producers from Argentina :

Doña Paula | Mendoza

Doña Paula is among the main Argentinean wineries that export premium wines: 97% of their production is exported to more than 60 countries and the international press has assigned them very high ratings. They are passionate artists and details lovers when it comes to taking care of their vineyards, and they have absolute respect for varietal and territorial traits.